Freeform tools on the ribbon – 3ds max Freeform Modeling

Freeform tools on the ribbon - 3ds max Freeform Modeling


Freeform tools on the ribbon – 3ds max Freeform Modeling So click that button and now all of our tools are available to us and that goes for the tools on the freeform tab as well, so let’s go over there and as long as the modify panel is active all these icons will be visibile. The first one you’re going to want to look at is the push pull brush and here it is. Let’s click on that and a little window pops up over here. I recommend that you doc that onto the ribbon, so just drag that over and drop it on an empty spot on the ribbon and as I hover my mouse over the surface I see a cursor indicating the brush and it’s a little bit small so I’ll increase the size here. Let’s set the size to 80 and if I drag my mouse across here, I’ll see a very faint result and the longer I drag the larger that deformation will be.

I can also give it a larger offset, maybe increase that offset to 10 and that will result in taller deformations. We’re going to look at all these tools in great detail, but that’s the introduction to the freeform tools on the modeling ribbon. We can exit out of push pull and if we want to erase what we’ve done so far, we can just press the x button here to cancel and that cancels all the strokes that we’ve drawn recently and we restore it back to a flat plain. That’s introduction to the freeform modeling tools.