Manipulating 3ds max objects around a transform center

Manipulating 3ds max objects around a transform center


Manipulating 3ds max objects around a transform center And if it’s in the View Coordinates System, then it’s not really going to do what you want. It’s just going to rotate around some arbitrary location, but if you choose something explicitly up here then you’ll be able to rotate around that thing. So for example, if I choose World, now look what happened. Over here in my perspective view, the rotate gizmo is now at the origin of the world. It’s now at the center where all the axes intersect and I can go over there, right click so I don’t lose my selection, and now orbit all those objects around the world origin.

Manipulating 3ds max objects around a transform center I want to do that. So that’s how this one works here. Use Transform Coordinate Center will access the reference coordinate system that you chose in here. And additionally, if you want, you could choose an arbitrary object as your point of reference. So I could go up here and say, choose Pick, and then pick an object, just click on something. And that was sofa and there were two there and then I can make sure I have Use Transform Coordinate Center active and the object’s name is truncated here, but it is listed. And now I can orbit around that object. Okay, so I’ll undo that. So that’s a basic introduction to how to use the reference coordinate system and also the Reference Coordinate Center flyout to move and rotate objects in various ways.