Spline Modeling Creating shapes in 3ds max 2020

Spline Modeling Creating shapes in 3ds max 2020


3ds max Spline Modeling Creating shapes If I need to, I can go back to the Modify panel and change that radius parameter. So, these are going to be the profile curves. We also need a path curve for this loft we’re going to be creating. And that’s going to be a simple line, an open shape that’s just a straight line. And we’ll do that in the top view. Getting closer here, maybe select that circle and then right click in the top view and press the Z key to zoom in. And if you’re not sure where that circle is, you can just move it around a little bit because in fact the position of these does not matter for the purposes of building the loft surface. So, I can just move that around to wherever is convenient. Move it out of the way and I want to create a line that is also six centimeters in length and so, I want to count out six grid subdivisions here .


Maybe zoom back just a little bit and back in the Create panel, under Splines, we have a line button. Click that button and we just need two points to create a perfectly straight line. And when you click to create these points, don’t click and drag. Because if you click and drag, you’ll be creating a curved line. We want a straight line with corner vertices, so we’re just going to click once at the origin and then go up six centimeters and click again and that’s the second point, right click to exit that line and right click again to exit the line tool. We can go back to the perspective view, click in there and press the Z key to zoom out and we’ve got all the elements needed for our loft. We have two shape primitives, a rectangle with a beveled corner, a circle and also a line and that will be the path for our loft. That’s the basics of creating shapes.