how to 3ds max reference coordinate system

how to 3ds max reference coordinate system

3ds max reference coordinate system

how to 3ds max reference coordinate system still rotate in whatever direction you want, but just like with the move tool local reference coordinate system is kind of fake and the fact that it always returns back to zero should be a dead giveaway that something strange is going on here. So I’m going to undo that with control z. I don’t recommend using local mode if you can help it. It’s got a lot of problems, not the least of which is called gimbal lock when the axes actually overlap and you can’t rotate something. What I recommend for rotations in most cases is the gimbal coordinate system. And what that does is it allows us to visualize how the three axes interact. So I’ll go over here to the perspective view. And if I rotate around the z axis everything looks normal. Nothing strange there.


how to 3ds max reference coordinate system So I’ll undo that. If I rotate around the x axis, again, it looks fine, nothing strange. I’ll undo that. But if I rotate around the y axis, notice what’s happening here. The red axis is actually rotating. So what’s happening here is I’m seeing the effect of gimbal lock if I bring this red axis down until it meets the blue axis. Okay, so that’s actually intentionally creating a bad situation. But at least we can see what’s happening. We actually can tell by just looking what’s going on. And if you’re in gimbal coordinate system then when you rotate around one of these three axes, then that’s what’s going to get recorded in the animation. Whereas, if you’re in any other mode such as world or local and you just innocently rotate around one axis, what you’ll find is that your animation is rotating around two or three axes. So the gimbal mode is the most helpful because it actually shows you what’s really going on and it hopefully will prevent you from getting into some dire situations. We’ll look at gimbal mode later in the course when we talk about hierarchies and rigging. All right, so those are the key coordinate systems that you’ll want to get familiar with. Primarily you have view, world, local, and gimbal.